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Influenza A

Not long after I posted on the 24th, I began feeling sick and by Christmas Day I was feeling awful!

Things just got worse and on Thursday I actually fainted and fell and hit my head (not too bad, since I was in a sitting position).  My husband took me to the ER and thankfully everything was ok, just needed an IV to get me hydrated again.

My husband is also fighting this flu, so we’re both trying to drink lots of liquids (the only thing we can keep down) and get lots of rest.

I probably won’t be blogging for a few days.

Thanks for all the kind comments and well-wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

May you all have a wonderful, blessed New Year!!




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House Hunting…

Yes… It looks like my husband and I have to move.  Where?  Not sure.  Because of my husband’s job, we have different options (within the State).

We might end up renting, but if we buy a house, I’m leaning toward either a Historic Home or a brand new home.

“Why?” you ask?

Well, the brand new house is new so we don’t have to
worry about fixing anything for about 10-15 yrs.  The negative is the HOA.
(Home Owners Association)…which I hate…been there, done that kinda thing.

Then, about the historic homes… the pro is that it has a lot of character
and features that new homes don’t have and I really like that.  The con
is that we’ll probably have to fix something… or some things.
So, I wanted to show you some of the ones that have made it to my “favorites” list…
We haven’t had a chance to go see these yet, so we don’t know what the
neighborhood around the home looks like… which is a big deal…
remember, “location, location, location”?
I like the porch on this one below… I’d make some changes and add some trim,
but overall it looks good262 NE 2nd St, Webster, FL 33597
This one below is my favorite, I think.
302 W Howry Ave, Deland, FL 32720
This one needs a lot of work, but I can see it has so much potential!
This porch is my favorite, too.
(undisclosed Address), Wildwood, FL 34785
This one may look a bit downcast, but, oh, the possibilities!
200 Hiawatha Cir, Leesburg, FL 34748
Okay, so this one looks REALLY bad, but because of that, the price is
really good.  I just don’t know if we could do all the work required…
811 W Euclid Ave, Deland, FL 32720
So….. what do you think??
Any advice?
Any pitfalls to avoid?
Have a terrific weekend!

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It’s been so hot here lately…as in most parts of the country!

We recently had a visit from the Fire Dept.


No, there was no fire, thankfully.

It was the end of soccer camp at the church across the street…
As a treat to the kids, a few of the local firemen came by and helped cool things off…




   T H E    K I D S    W E R E    E C S T A T I C !!!!!



The innocence of children… to see them jumping and screaming in delight filled my heart with joy!




We (the adults standing by) were laughing, smiling, enjoying the children’s antics.






Thanks, guys!!!
You helped brighten (and cool off) everyone’s day!!

Stay cool,
and have a wonderful weekend!  🙂




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