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We have been up in the mountains and after several days of rain, the sun has finally made an appearance!

It was too pretty outside to stay indoors so we decided to go on one of the hiking trails close by…I just didn’t realize it was one of the ones marked “strenuous” on the map I’d left back at the cabin.

After my initial shock, and following close to my husband, I felt better and actually enjoyed it very much!

Here are just a few snapshots from our hike…


One of the many “little falls” we came to as we crossed the creek several times throughout the hike.


This little bridge was so pretty, with the sound of the waterfalls underneath and the coolness of the woods all around us… We wished for a hammock to stop and take a nap (at least I did!).


We are taking some time off to rest and “recharge our batteries”. The place we’re staying has no TV, no Internet, not even a radio. To get signal for phone calls to our kids and our parents we have to drive down the mountain and go to the nearest town which is not far.
To some of you this may sound ridiculous, while to others it may sound absolutely wonderful… For us it was the latter, and so here we are.

Don’t wait to feel overwhelmed…
Get away and rest now…
It’s worth it!

Happy trails,
Love to you all,

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The Mountains…

What is it about the mountains?…


One of my favorite places to go.

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