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I got to sew some pretty little things for my granddaughter who turned two recently…

And one of them was this cute little back pack.



The pattern is Simplicity #5284.  It’s a mini version of a full-size, or adult, back pack.  

I used 2 fat quarters (18″x21″ piece of fabric), and some left-over fabric from a little blouse I’d made her.



I used some lace instead of ribbon for the bow and added a bling button for a touch of fun… I thought she would like it, especially when she gets a little older (like 3).  ๐Ÿ™‚

I sewed these on by hand so it wouldn’t show up on the under side of the flap.  I also wanted to make sure it was on securely so that it wouldn’t come off after much use.  


The pattern called for elastic at the top, which I thought was genius.  Everything stays inside, yet it’s easier to access than if it had a tie.  (Why don’t back packs for grown-ups have this feature??! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I sewed on a piece of hook & loop tape for the closure – small enough that she can easily open it without a lot of effort, but big enough to keep it closed when she’s wearing it.  

The pocket is large enough to hold a small box of crayons, or pencils, or a little dolly… whatever she likes.  ๐Ÿ™‚


I used the wrong kind of interfacing… the pattern suggested light-weight and I knew that wouldn’t be enough, so I used heavy-weight; but it was really hard to sew. – even with a heavy-duty needle.  Next time, I will definitely use medium!  Lesson learned.  

However, it did feel like a “real, store-bought” back pack.  So, maybe the heavier interfacing was the right choice after all?  

The pattern was easy to understand and the straps went on without a problem.  I had never made a back pack before, so some of the placements (such as the tabs to pull the straps through) didn’t really make sense until everything was turned right-side-out.  So the lesson here is… follow the step-by-step instructions and in the end it’ll all make perfect sense.     Maybe, Kind of like life?… But I digress…


It was so much fun for me to make this, especially since it was for my granddaughter!  

Using the three fabrics was different and gave it a whole other look to it.  Maybe next time I’ll just use one… maybe.

I can hardly wait to sew another one!



Looking forward to sharing with you a pic of her wearing or using her little back pack.  I get to see her soon again!  ๐Ÿ™‚

More projects to share in the coming days.  Yay!

Have a blessed week,



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End-of-Season Shopping

I have so much fun shopping when stores are clearing out items from one season to make room for the new one…


You can find some great deals!
I love deals!
This pink skirt was on sale for $4.97,
with an extra store-wide 15% off
entire purchase!
The soft cotton top was $8, the necklace was $4.
It’s a fun, comfortable outfit!


I added a little grey sweater which
I liked for its versatility and color.
It was on sale for $10!
It is a super-soft cotton that feels
like cashmere.
I like soft.


I really liked the bright, cheerful top…
It’s very soft and comfy.
The skirt has nice leather details and also very comfy.
These two items were $15 together!


I added this denim jacket with lace detail for $9. It’s very soft denim
and feels great on your skin.
The skirt is a pretty white option.


The skirt is very versatile…
I’m looking forward to wearing it with boots when the weather gets cooler.
It was $10.
I think the details are so pretty.

For me, deals like these make
shopping for new clothes much
more fun.
I also buy for Christmas gifts
and birthday gifts during
these sales.
It’s fun and a lot more affordable.

Happy shopping, everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚


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