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Once upon a time,
long ago and far away
while on vacation,
I started this quilt…



I diligently sewed these little squares together by hand
(I didn’t have my sewing machine with me).
You can tell I was a beginner because some of the squares don’t line up!

For years these nine-patch blocks sat forgotten…



The nice lady who owned the cabin we stayed in gave me a bag of scraps
from her collection.  She was an avid quilter and had lots & lots of fabric.
I was a beginner and just wanted something to do at night while on our
restful vacation.  (There was no TV, radio, internet, or signal).
We liked it so much there that we went back several years later, Btw.

They were random scraps I probably never would’ve chosen,
but I was just happy to have some fabric to sew together.




Then one day

I “found” them and said, “Oh!  Alas!  The forgotten blocks
from that vacation long ago and far away!”




I decided to bring those blocks together
and begin the process of finishing this neglected quilt.




I didn’t over-think it, I just sat and sewed the blocks together.

I had been thinking about putting a black border around the sides
to make it big enough for a lap quilt, but…


What do you think I should do?
What color border do you think would look better?
I thought maybe two borders of different widths & colors might be better?




Or maybe I should just make it a table cloth with a nice border around it??
I could take it on picnics…

Any suggestions?

And so… the Forgotten Quilt will soon be finished and
forgotten no longer.
The End
(for now)

I’ll post soon with the finished look.

I’m linking with Freshly Pieced and with Sew Fresh Quilts.
Go on over and see what pretty things they’re working on!



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I’ve been helping my daughter pack and get ready for their move…

Yesterday, we were having lunch when she quietly pointed to the window
and whispered, “Deer!”


I immediately went to the window and smiled as I saw this pretty girl.

Now, those of you who live in the country and are used to seeing deer all the time… this must be pretty boring for you.
But for us who live in the city…  well…  let’s just say it’s pretty special.








After just a few seconds, it was as if she sensed I was there, and turned her head towards me…






She was there for just a few minutes, then she turned back to the woods, and disappeared.

How lovely to see her.

She gave us a much-needed break, and a reason to smile.

We had to go back to packing & cleaning, but…
I thought about her and I looked out the window many times, hoping I’d see her again.

Maybe today?


Have a blessed day, everyone!

Love to you all,



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Do you ever feel like you just need some quiet time?


(Photo taken inside  an 1800s church)
There were no microphones here, no Powerpoint, … not even electricity.

the people gathered here and worshipped God.
All they had was each other and the Bible.
They read.  They prayed together.  They encouraged one another.
Made me realize once again…
we don’t need all the “bells and whistles” we feel so necessary today.

I guess all we need is a hunger for God.


Just thinking…

Have a blessed weekend everybody.
Love to you all,



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During our time away,  (I posted about it  here) one of the places we were able to visit was an old farm, way up in the mountains. . .




This is the marker at the top of the hill:




A closer look, so you can read it:



This is the farm house.  We weren’t able to go inside because the park rangers weren’t there, but we were able to walk around and see everything.  We did peek inside the windows. . . everything looked just as if time had stood still back in the 1880’s.



Here’s a view from the porch.  I just love porch swings.  Makes me think of family & friends, children’s laughter, ice-cold lemonade. . .




There were several gardens with many, many butterflies. . .





They were everywhere!




Here are some beautiful ones . . .







I love barns.  Maybe I’ll live in a Barn House someday – they’re becoming more popular now.





The flowers were beautiful. . .



Wild flowers as well…




As we approached the Chicken House, we heard them inside. . . We also heard a rooster several times.
I love the sounds of a farm!  Can you tell I live in the city??




The root cellar (I could almost see the veggies stored there, as this was used over so many years!)




There were many tiny birds.  So beautiful.




A few were perched on the clothes line.  That’s right.  There was a clothes line.  That’s another thing I miss while living in the city.  I never thought I’d say that!  When I was a kid, my Mom would tell me to hang the clothes up on the line.  Inevitably, it would rain before I had a chance to run and take them inside!  I used to wish for a dryer.   Now that I have one, I miss both my Mom and the assigned chore of hanging the laundry on the clothes line.




While we were there,  someone was working on the garden, planting & weeding.  This bench was among the fragrant flowers…




These are the stairs to go back up to the parking area.  I didn’t want to leave.  I wanted to stay and visit the country folks and have a nice tall glass of lemonade with them.  What was it like for the folks who lived on this farm?  How did they get up & down the steep mountain paths with no car or truck?  How did they survive with no TV, internet, or cell phone?  It was a simpler time.  But it wasn’t an easy time.  These people knew back-breaking work, and plenty of heart aches.  They probably never would have imagined that well over one hundred years later, there’d be “tourists” visiting their farm, admiring their work & perseverance.




It was an unforgettable experience.  I can still feel the cool mountain breeze.

These are the kind of places that stay with me for a long, long time.  By that, I guess I mean that when I remember them, when i see the photos, I can’t help but smile and want to visit again.


Thanks for visiting with me.  🙂

Love to you all,


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I know I just posted a photo of a horse I met on a little country road…

but I couldn’t wait to share these pictures with you…


My husband and I were on our way to a church picnic…

I had no idea that we would be way out in the country…

But as we drove in, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

There were lots of cows, chickens, and these two beautiful horses!

I immediately took out my camera and began taking pictures.
The cows didn’t like me too much, they actually scared me.
But the horses were very nice and weren’t camera-shy.





If you’re from the city, a day in the country can be literally “a breath of fresh air”.
For me, it’s usually like taking a trip back in time.
A slower pace.
Time to reflect.
No signal… so no cell phone calls.
I can feel the stress begin to fade away.

If you’re with a loved one, or with a friend, it can be so special.
Or even if you’re by yourself, it can be a time for refreshing.
The breeze, the sounds of the outdoors in the background.

There’s something about getting away from the noise and distractions we are used to,
and going outdoors where we can slow down, be quiet, enjoy the ancient art of talking
to one another (instead of texting, or using the social media).





If you get the chance anytime soon,
to go out to the country…
go for it.
Enjoy the quiet, and the scenery.

Happy refreshing!


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Photo Drive

I’ve shared before how I enjoy walks through parks and rural areas.

Well, I also like to go on what I call photo drives.

I try to be careful how close I get and I always stay in the car… (I don’t want to get shot by an angry “neighbor”!)

Here’s just a few photos I took on a recent photo drive…


A very serious look.  I wonder what they’re thinking…

Certainly not inviting me to come for a closer look.




They had a friend close by…

probably saying, “Don’t worry, bud… I got your back!”




Not far were some pretty horses…




And a pony.




These two were giving each other some TLC…




I thought it was funny how one of them kept their eye on me the entire time.




This beautiful horse was all by itself…




It was far away but the scene was so peaceful…
I didn’t want to disturb it.

It’s fun to go on a relaxing “scenic” drive.  For me, it’s therapeutic, really.

Enjoy your part of the country… whether covered in snow, or sunny and green.
Take a photo drive (preferably someone else driving so you can take pictures) and enjoy the scenery.

Happy Weekend,



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As you probably know by now, my husband & I love to take drives through the country now that we live closer to it…

You probably also know that I love historic homes and even some that may not be classified as “historic” but more like broken-down, neglected, abandoned… etc…


As we drive by and I try to get a good shot of the house in a moving car…
I wonder what it looked like when it was newly constructed?

Who lived here?  Where are they now?  Why has it fallen to disrepair?
Can I buy it?  What could I do to make it look nice again?
Maybe some new windows?



Some of the houses don’t look so bad… some actually look like they are being lived in (by people),



I saved the best for last!
This one if by far my favorite.
But, alas, someone beat me to it… they bought this pretty house and they are working hard at bringing it back to its former glory.  I almost wish I could just walk up to them and say, “Need any help?”  But I live too far to be of much use.  I’m rooting for them, though.

They have already accomplished quite a bit and it won’t be long before this house looks amazing, like it probably looked when it was new.  Then it will be ready to welcome a new family and impress those driving by (such as myself) with its beauty!

Happy Country Driving,


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Slow Lane

Earlier this week we came upon an area I would name, Slow Lane.  The animals were just enjoying a bit of rest & relaxation and there wasn’t much else going on…


I wanted to get out of the car and sit a spell with them 🙂

(Maybe not with this guy right up by the fence…the horns?)



I had a hard time trying to get the camera to zoom from the barbed wire to the animals…



They didn’t seem too bothered with me.




The horses were beautiful (of course)…



This horse was all alone… but looked very happy & content.

This looks like a nice place to live… or visit. 🙂

Have a terrific weekend!

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Spotted Horse

As we were driving back from the Farmers Market this week, we saw this beautiful horse…


We stopped just for a minute so I could change the lens on my camera and get a closer look…



What a beauty!

It made my day 🙂

As a child, I had posters up all over my walls of horses…I read books about horses….I studied them… all while I lived in the city (never had been to the country!).
I still don’t live in the country, but at least I get to drive through the country.  🙂

…and it’s nice.


May your day be a great one!

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Country Life

I am from the city. I’ve lived my whole life in cities.

But I love the country.

When I moved to a tiny town to attend college, I had never been away from the city and thought I would hate living 45 min. from the nearest “civilization”.

But, oh, I was so wrong! I fell in love with quiet evening walks, the slower pace, the friendliness in the people, the absence of traffic & honking horns.  I enjoyed all the trees and birds, and wildlife that was all around.  Yes, I definitely fell in love with the country.        …Sigh    …And I’ve never gotten over it.

I even enjoy the chickens.



This pretty chick had several friends with her, several different kinds.  I’m not familiar yet with the different varieties but they were all beautiful.  I had fun just watching them and having a photo shoot of my own.

Maybe when we move to our new place I can have chickens?! Fun!!

Enjoy the fresh air,


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