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This entry is going to be very different from all the previous ones…
I usually have a photo, and have humorous things to say about it,
or I have some project I’ve been working on that I want to tell you about.
Not today…

The last few months have been a bit trying.

I’m not going to sugar-coat it or make it sound happy.

The main reason I started this blog
was because I wanted a place where I could have an outlet
for my creative projects, including photography, sewing, etc.

But also, I wanted to make new friends,
be a blessing to others,
and be able to write about whatever was on my heart.

Well, the last couple of weeks, I have had no desire to even open this page.
Or sew, or write, or do anything creative…
My health hasn’t been great, (severe migraines)
along with other challenging situations.

Dealing with a variety of things at once is a lot of what life is like
for most of us.  It isn’t easy, or pleasant, and there are times we may feel
overwhelmed and even too weary to deal with one more thing.

Where does strength come from in times like these?

Looking back,
throughout most of my life, (from the age of 13),
I can honestly say that there has been a  constant
that has carried me through very difficult times,
even those of great grief…

I’d sit with the Bible open on my lap,
the tears streaming down my face.
I’d pour my heart out to God
and knew and felt that He heard me
that He was with me.
I was not alone.
His strength and His comfort got me through so many
very difficult times.

And so it is still true today.
Whether severe physical pain,
in the ER, not knowing what’s going to happen the next minute…
or just simple challenges that come up everyday,
nothing too earth-shattering but still feeling the need
for wisdom and guidance,
for everyday strength and joy.

I was reminded this past weekend of a verse you’ve probably heard before…
“My grace is sufficient for you,
for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor. 12:9)

As I was writing here now, a song came on and I’d like to share it with you:
by Steven Curtis Chapman,  His Strength is Perfect (click to listen).

I’m so thankful that some of you actually emailed me or commented
to tell me you missed me and wondering how I was doing.
That meant so much to me.
Thank you so very much!
I value your friendship more than you know.

May God bless you this week in a wonderful way!
Love to you all,



“His strength is perfect.”


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