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I found a new Farmer’s Market not too far from where I live…



The produce is so fresh and such a great variety!



These radishes are delicious.  I put them in salads,
but most of the time I just eat them raw as a snack.
Is that strange??




Huge tomatoes, so good!




I couldn’t believe how sweet the grapes were!!




The peppers were 2 for $1
I roast them in the oven and put them in salsas
or to flavor soups.




Cilantro, parsley, greens…  big bunches




This Farmer’s Market also has a “Flea Market” section.
I bought hibiscus, azalea, and each one was only $6.



My favorite buy was the Orchids!
I got four different kinds and they were each $3!!!

They make great Christmas gifts.
I wanted to keep them, but then I figured
I could just get some more after Christmas.


Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!




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One wonderful thing about summer is all the sweet fruits we can enjoy…


July 2013 028



While traveling on a country road, we came across the cutest fruit & veggie stand!


July 2013 457


The lady behind the counter was so nice and had the best country accent!
I just wanted to sit and continue talking and getting to know her.
She’s one of those people who makes you feel
as if you’re a friend, not just someone stopping to
buy the beautiful fruit for sale.


July 2013 459


We passed the stand many times during our time off this summer,
and each time there were people there, buying different fruits & veggies.
These were locals who knew the fruit was well worth stopping for.


July 2013 025


You can’t really tell here, but the peaches were huge!  They were the biggest
I’ve ever seen!
And they.  were.  SO.  delicious!!


July 2013 026


We went back to the fruit stand several times during our stay.
We were never disappointed.
We also bought a few other items, but the peaches were my favorite!

I’ve always been skeptical about stopping to buy anything by the side of the road.
I think I’ve only ever bought honey.  But now I know that some stands offer
great local, organic, delicious, and very reasonably-priced bounty from their farms!
I’m sure y’all already knew that… it just took me a while to find out  🙂

Enjoy the fruits & veggies of late, late summer before they’re all gone!

Happy end-of-summer,

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One thing I like about Mondays is that I get to go to the Farmers Market!

This Farmers Market is huge!  There are hundreds of vendors and also a very large Flea Market section in the back.  You can find anything here from socks to tomatoes.  It’s like a gigantic outdoor department store!  And so much fun!!  I think my favorite section is the antiques area where you can find lots of interesting items.  However, today I didn’t have time to go back there so I just went straight to the veggies and fruit which was what I came for.


Everything is so fresh.  Lemonade anyone?


The peaches are so sweet and juicy!  I’m thinking..peach cobbler… oh yeah, I’m supposed to be on a diet.
The cherries are one of my favorites so we bought 2 lbs for $2!


There were lots of cherries.  We walk up and down the aisles looking for the best prices and produce.


I couldn’t believe all those radishes for $1!!



If you’ve never had a Florida avocado, I suggest you do.  They are delicious!
And those hot peppers? I like to put them in a bottle with garlic, vinegar, and olive oil. You can use the oil for dressings and the peppers in anything from scrambled eggs to chili.



Watermelon and summer.  Can’t wait to make frozen watermelon treats!  My favorite!
Just blend watermelon, sugar, ice, and a little water.  Pour into ice cube trays and freeze for a couple of hours.  Place 4-5 in a glass and serve with a fork. Use the fork to break up the cubes.
My Dad made these for me when I was a little girl.  I can’t make them as good as he did but close enough.  They are so good when it’s hot outside! Very refreshing! 🙂



Beefsteak tomatoes!  All I can say is, “Wow!”

My husband likes asparagus so we got 2 bunches for $3.

On the way out, I snapped this photo. The peaches were calling me.

Dinner tonight was delicious… nothing like fresh veggies.

Happy marketing, 🙂

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