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I’m in Wisconsin…

This morning I went for a walk and took some pictures as I marveled at the beauty around me…








There are still a few trees left with colorful leaves













Even the rocks looked picturesque to me.



I sat on that dock for a while, enjoying the quiet, praying, thinking, listening to the birds.

I saw deer tracks by the water.  I might come back early tomorrow…maybe I’ll see deer!


These were crab apple trees.  Not much fruit left, but I had one for breakfast and it was delicious!


I borrowed some boots so I could walk in the muddy and swampy areas.  I wasn’t sure I needed them, but I was so glad I had them when I got down by the lake.

I’m hoping to see more of Wisconsin within the next few days! 

A blessed Sunday to you all!



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Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!



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image(The view from the hotel lobby!)

This wasn’t my first time in Colorado, but oh…
How beautiful the mountains all around!

Every morning when we came down to the lobby for breakfast,
the view was spectacular.

I guess people who live here are pretty much used to it
and don’t pay much attention to it…
But I couldn’t take my eyes off the beauty!  🙂

When I lived close to the Smoky Mountains,
I never got “used” to it.

Every time I went outside, I couldn’t help but smile.
The fall colors!  The Spring!  The summer greens!
It didn’t snow except maybe twice a year,
but everything looked so beautiful!

During the week in Colorado,
the temperatures were pretty cold (at least for me!)
But I walked across the street to a shopping area
where I had lunch everyday.
It was 26* and windy, so I was cold!

I didn’t take my “real” camera with me,
but I managed to get this photo with my cell phone.

I spent the week in a personal prayer retreat during the mornings.
Those times of pulling away from everything
and just being alone with God
was something I longed for.
I feel like it’s “recharging”, literally.

In the evenings, my husband & I got together with friends
for some wonderful times of fellowship.
It was fun and refreshing to spend time with them,
since we rarely get the chance to just relax together
and not be problem-solving or counseling for
serious situations.

It was a blessed time and I’m so thankful I was able to go!

Now it’s back to “real life” but every now & then I remember,
and I just smile.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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Last week I was tired and felt a little like Heidi…
(she missed the mountains and the great outdoors!)

My husband & I drove to the nearest beach
and took a walk…



It might seem like it’s night time in this photo,
but actually, it’s early morning on the beach.

The skies were cloudy,
so even though the sun had technically risen,
it wasn’t as sunny as a “normal” sunrise.



All I had was my cell phone,
but I wanted to take some pictures.




The little birds were just waking up, it seemed.




If you click on this photo above, and zoom in,
you can see a line of birds flying just above the water.






The sound of the waves, the water between our toes,
the breeze…


This is what I needed.




Ever so slowly, it began to get a little brighter…




“You rule the swelling of the sea.”  Psalms 89:9



We walked for a mile and a half.




In some places, close to hotels,
the workers had begun to set up
umbrellas & chairs for rentals.

In a few hours, this place would be
crowded with  lots & lots of people.

But for now, it was just a few, here & there,
walking, some jogging, some riding their bicycles.



By the time we had turned around and returned to where we had started,
it was much brighter.

And so it was for me.


Take time to go outside and enjoy it.

Have a terrific weekend,



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A Visit

It was so good to visit my Dad recently.

I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like.



Visits to see Dad usually include a walk in the backyard.
It was the end of the mango season for his trees…



He counted seven on this tree…




They would be the last ones of the summer…




I did get to eat one or two that he’d pick earlier.  They were delicious!!
They smell so good!
I wasn’t the only one enjoying these delicacies…



There he is in his workshop, enjoying the fruits of his labor,
taking a break from work.  That’s his lovely wife.
They’ve been married for over 15 years (my Mom passed away many years ago).



I did get to bring one or two of these home with me.  🙂


Later that night he decided to cook some ribs on the grill.



I made a rub for them, and he put them on the bbq.




He kept a close eye on them until they were done.




We had a great time that night.
My brother & his wife & kids came over and we laughed a lot
as we always do when we get together.


It was a short visit but oh, so sweet.

Enjoy your summer.  🙂



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End of 2014


As the sun sets on this last day of 2014, we recall God’s wonders and pray for a blessed 2015.

Happy New Year,

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A Snow Blanket

I will probably share many more photos soon, but I just had to post a few…



We woke up to a snow blanket covering our part of the world.

How beautiful!

Can’t wait to run outside (with my many layers of clothing on) and take many pictures!!

Until then,
Stay warm.


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Snowy Day

I’m in Ohio, and it has been snowing on & off since yesterday…


I ran outside with my cell phone and took pictures of the beautiful setting…





I left my favorite one for last:



Enjoy the weather,
And have a wonderful weekend!

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County Fair

I went to a cute little County Fair this past weekend.

My favorite part is always the animals…





I have to tell you, though, I was very disappointed to learn that the chickens and roosters were not scheduled to arrive for another 3 days! That is always my favorite section!
Oh well, maybe next time…Sigh…

They also had an old building filled with different kinds of historical displays…






I was so excited when I saw some quilters demonstrating the art of hand quilting. It was fun talking to them.


There was also different sewing machines from the early 1900s




Outside, there was a large display of different kinds of machinery and other “vehicles”




It was a fun time, just walking around, enjoying the different areas. It was a small fair but there was something for everyone… Rides, food, contests,…

There were several groups performing at various stations and I enjoyed listening to them.

I’ll leave you with a picture of these two sweeties…


Happy Fall/Autumn,

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Whenever I’m on the road,  away from home,
I try to find time to go to local Historic Downtowns…
I love going in and out of little shops,
(although I mostly do window shopping).



My favorite has to be the little antique stores…
I especially enjoy when I get to go with my daughter
because we both love history and we ooh & ahh
over the old stuff, wondering who it belonged to
and what their story was.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed getting are Cookbooks…




I never pay more than $3 for one…




I found these for .10 each at a Library Book Sale.





I’ve been looking for this one for a long time!
Couldn’t believe it was only $2.50.



I took the book jacket off and I like the hardback cover so much more!




I was so excited when I found this one…
I’d been looking for a Rachael Ray cookbook for ages.





These magazine-style ones are usually between .25-$1.00.
I got this one because it had lots of cheesecake recipes…

(My husband loves cheesecake, and I love him, so…)



Next time you’re driving through a small town,
check out the historic downtown…
you might find something that you can take home 🙂

Happy Hunting!

Have a blessed weekend!


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