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Because my husband & I often leave very early in the morning…




We see different things…




On this lovely morning,

we saw many hot-air balloons in the sky…

some were just taking off

while others were already way up high.






I think it would be so much fun to take a ride on one!




These photos were taken with my phone

as I frantically moved around from one car window to the next

trying to get at least one of the balloons hovering above us…

(No, I wasn’t driving the car)  🙂

We’ve seen them before… maybe next time I’ll be able to show you

a group of them up in the sky…

It’s a beautiful sight.


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My husband & I recently celebrated out 30th wedding anniversary!!

…to celebrate, we planned a very special trip,
however, things don’t always go as planned,
and I found myself in the ER just two days before
we were scheduled to leave on our trip.

I am so thankful that it was nothing serious and I am recovering.
If you’ve ever been in the ER,
especially if you have a lot of pain,
all kinds of thoughts want to rush in
and fill your mind with visions of what could happen…
It’s not easy to keep those thoughts from taking over.

I thank God that I felt his peace,
His comfort,
and his strength.
…and that I was happily released about 5 hours later!!

We didn’t exactly get to go on the trip we wanted,
but we did go to a nice place and get some fresh air
up in the Blue Ridge Mountains…

We went on a hike and I’d like to show you
some of the things we saw…














It was hard to walk past the pretty flowers
without stopping to take 5-105 photographs…
My husband is a very patient man.











We came across this bench with a heart shaped by flowers!

















Some of the more steep areas had steps…















We had a great time!


Now we’re ready for another 30 years of wedded bliss!!

I am blessed beyond measure!
My husband is my best friend,
he is an amazing person in many ways,

…and we’re still very much in love!

Looking forward to all God has for us!




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On the road again early this morning…


I do enjoy the early morning sights (once I’m up)


“From the rising of the sun
To its going down,
The Lord’s name is to be praised”
Psalm 113:3

Happy Sunday!


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Road Trip

I’ve been away…


My husband & I were visiting our son & daughter-in-law.
So much fun to be with them!


It was a long drive, but well worth it!
We went through seven states just to get there!
Can you believe it??
And we saw some beautiful scenery…





It was an unforgettable time together.


I am so thankful we were able to go,
and I can’t wait to see them again!

Have you hugged your kids today? 🙂

Love to you all,


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My daughter & I recently took a trip together.
It was so much fun!

We wanted to make it a history/quilting/sewing/fun trip.
We planned to visit historical places during the day and in the evenings
we’d quilt or sew.   (We had to go up & down on steep mountain roads,
so we decided we’d rather not do that while it was dark!)
Can you tell we grew up in the city?!




We were able to stay in a friend’s cabin up in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.
Close to the cabin was a beautiful waterfall.  It wasn’t easy taking a “selfie”, but here we are.  🙂




The third day we were there, it snowed!!
We were in a cozy cabin, with a nice fireplace, so we were happy, quilting…

It was kind of like going on our own Quilting Retreat! 🙂



It wasn’t a lot of snow, but it was beautiful!!
The mountains in the distance and the woods all around us were
covered in a nice blanket of snow.
We were inside, cooking, quilting…
I felt a little like the frontier women of the 1800’s…
quilting, tending the fire, roasting a nice chicken in the oven.  🙂

Thankfully, I didn’t have to kill the chicken myself.
Some of the modern conveniences I am totally ok with.



This is the quilt top my daughter was able to put together.
She didn’t get to finish it (she still has to add the borders and quilt it).
But she did get a lot of it done and I think it looks so pretty!
I love the fabrics and colors in this.






These are the two mini charm packs I took with me.
I wanted to make something small, like a table runner.

These little packs were $3.75 each, there’s 42 squares, 1 1/2 in. each.
I got them from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  They have great prices.
They also have a great daily deal program.




I used the 1 1/2 in squares in strips of four across and then in the border,
I made half triangles for the border using a tutorial.
It made it go so much faster, and much more fun.



I didn’t have a pattern to follow, but I just used what I had on hand.
I like how it turned out and can’t wait to finish it.




We had a lot of fun on our trip
and I’ll be posting more of our “adventures” in the next posts.

Have a blessed weekend,


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If you’re ever in Sarasota, FL . . .

I highly recommend you plan to stop at this restaurant.


I chose the buffet,
Just because I can try all the different
Everything is homemade,
and you can taste it!!


They also have a beautiful gift shop upstairs with all kinds of items you will just love to look at!
Quilts, one-of-a-kind little things,
And a whole section just for
Vera Bradley items…


This one was my personal favorite,
But I was good and put it back.

The day we were there they had all their Christmas items on clearance…


The displays were so beautiful!
I bought some vintage ornaments that ended up being only $2!!


They also have a “Country Store” section in the front with lots of goodies to take home, like homemade cookies, jams, apple butter, rolls, and so on.

Have I made you hungry??
I am!!

Have a good weekend everybody!!


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On the Road

We are on the road again,
Going through one of our
Beautiful western States.


I won’t be posting until after Christmas
So I’m
Wishing you all a
Very happy Christmas!


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Beauty in Rain

There’s always opportunity for photography…

even in the rain . . .




This was taken with my cell phone from inside the car
while we were stuck in traffic, going through a major
University town.

I’m not officially a “professional” photographer,

but . . .

I’m usually looking at things as if through the lens of a camera.
Taking “snap shots” of whatever surroundings I find myself in.
And I have been doing that since I was a kid.

It’s wonderful that today, because so many of us have
phones that come equipped with a camera,
we can capture what normally would be missed.

Here’s the same scene a couple moments later:




We can see beauty even in the things we are
prone to complain about –
no problem!  — take photos.  🙂

There’s joy all around us.
Sometimes a change of perspective
(or attitude, in my case)
helps tremendously.

Go out and have fun seeing what’s
around you through a “professional”
photographer’s eyes (even if all you have
is a cell phone!)
A rainy night can become
a thing of beauty.

Happy Wednesday everybody 🙂

Love to you all,

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Daytona Beach, FL

One of the blessings of our job/ministry is that we get/have to travel.
Sometimes we are so tired, we just want to go back home,
but other times we want to stay for a few more days…


The weather was interesting with a bit of everything… sun, clouds, storm, serene.




I took this photo (above) from a balcony, looking to my left…




This one (above) was a second later, looking to my right. Neither photo was edited in any way. They are straight from my phone.



We had lunch at a great place called Aunt Catfish. The food was so good!




They have what they call their Fixin’s Bar, which is a hot bar included with the meal…
cornbread, slaw, baked beans, stewed apples,
and my favorite: cheese grits!




I ordered the catfish plate. It was delicious.




It came with their sweet potato fries and an amazing sauce which had pineapple in it. That alone was worth going there.




The catfish was great…




But my FAVORiTE part, by far was their cinnamon roll!
Wow. It just melts in your mouth!
I wish this was a health food…
I’d buy a dozen!





I’m not sure when we’ll be back, but it was wonderful to be there…
I can still hear the sound of the waves.

Happy travels everyone 🙂
Love to you all, Daisy

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One wonderful thing about summer is all the sweet fruits we can enjoy…


July 2013 028



While traveling on a country road, we came across the cutest fruit & veggie stand!


July 2013 457


The lady behind the counter was so nice and had the best country accent!
I just wanted to sit and continue talking and getting to know her.
She’s one of those people who makes you feel
as if you’re a friend, not just someone stopping to
buy the beautiful fruit for sale.


July 2013 459


We passed the stand many times during our time off this summer,
and each time there were people there, buying different fruits & veggies.
These were locals who knew the fruit was well worth stopping for.


July 2013 025


You can’t really tell here, but the peaches were huge!  They were the biggest
I’ve ever seen!
And they.  were.  SO.  delicious!!


July 2013 026


We went back to the fruit stand several times during our stay.
We were never disappointed.
We also bought a few other items, but the peaches were my favorite!

I’ve always been skeptical about stopping to buy anything by the side of the road.
I think I’ve only ever bought honey.  But now I know that some stands offer
great local, organic, delicious, and very reasonably-priced bounty from their farms!
I’m sure y’all already knew that… it just took me a while to find out  🙂

Enjoy the fruits & veggies of late, late summer before they’re all gone!

Happy end-of-summer,

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