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Notebook Cover

I am in the midst of moving, so I have been away from the blogging world and I have missed it!

I won’t be finished with the moving process (packing, cleaning, unpacking, cleaning) until 2 weeks from now.

I thought I’d share a notebook cover I made not long ago.  It went very quickly and it was fun.
For more examples of notebook or journal covers, see HERE.



I wanted something practical but also pretty…




It’s great to have it with me whether I need to take notes or  to refer to notes.




Here’s what the front outside looks like.  I used three different fabrics, …really just pieces that I had left over from other projects.  I liked how they looked together.


As you can see, I added some lace, a button, and an elastic closure.
Some of the lace I used was left-over from my daughter’s wedding dress. … Sigh….
It was a tiny piece but I wanted something special like that to give it some sentimental value.



This is the inside without the notebook in it.  I put in a red ribbon so I could find my place quickly.
I just hate when I can’t find my place, don’t you?


I added a small long pocket on the inside front for a pen and a highlighter,
and in the back I added a cute, small pocket for little notebooks, bookmarks,
or some chocolate or gum.  That’s always a nice surprise.  🙂



Here’s the outside open so you can see the whole thing.





It’s nice to have something personal, …it makes me want to write in it.
Sometimes I sit and write in the mornings, just jotting down my thoughts.


It goes perfectly with a nice, hot cup of tea.

Happy Sewing!  ..Happy Writing!



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Journaling is so popular now, with so many different types of notebooks and even mixed media journals (I’m working on one now, and it’s so much fun!).  I thought I’d make my friend a cover for her personal Journal so she could take it with her on her many trips.  I had fun making it and she loved it.  Here’s what it looked like on the outside:

Okay, I’m blessed to have a Dad that’s an upholsterer and he gives me all kinds of fabric remnants, along with trims, tassels, and other left-overs.  I know! That’s pretty nice!!


This is what the inside looks like.  The gold quilted fabric is silk (SO nice!) and feels so soft and smooth, while the white & gold/yellow fabric has some texture to it and feels equally nice.  I sewed pockets on the “flaps” so she could put in a note pad and a pen or pencil.  I also sewed in a ribbon at the top center  so she could mark the spot in her journal and just open right up to it.  (I really like that little detail when I’m journaling).


I tucked in a lacy bookmark I made her and a pen.  Tucking in the journal or notebook of your choice is easy and quick.


I sewed a ribbon on the side back in the center so I could wrap it around the nice button sewn on the outside.  It keeps the journal secure while looking feminine and pretty as well.


Here’s another Journal cover I made for a friend:


I thought she would like the fabric.  This journal was made the same as the other, just a bit smaller. Here’s the inside:

Once again I sewed pockets for a notepad & pen, highlighter;  added the ribbon on center top for a marker, and a ribbon on side back for closure.


The button looks real fancy but I bought it at Wal-Mart very inexpensively.  I had purchased both these buttons for other projects but they went so well with these fabrics that I decided to go ahead and use them for these Journal covers.

It’s great when you can both give gifts that you know they’re going to love as well as have fun making them.

Happy Sewing! 🙂

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