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Pink Blooms

I have not posted in 11 days…
I’ve missed you, friends.
First, I had to attend a training and had no internet available.
Then, 2 days ago, I had another migraine.  I’ve never had them so close together before.  But I am thankful that this time I did not have to go to the ER.

Now, on to more JOYful topics!  🙂

The place where this training was held was rural and a very pretty setting.

I was able to step outside with my camera for just a few minutes during one of the breaks and take a few photos…


The color.  The delicate petals.




It was not a rose bush, but it was just as beautiful…and it was covered in blooms!




I only had a few minutes…




I could stare at this for a while.  So beautiful.  It doesn’t have the sweet scent of a rose, but it is so lovely.




The bush had so very many!  There were some that had fallen and the ground was covered with them.  Even there, they were beautiful!

Does anybody know what type of flowers these are?
I thought I could google it, but after a while, I gave up when I couldn’t find the exact match.  It’s a big bush, tall, and covered with these flowers.


It’s good to be back… Y’all have a fantastic weekend!!

Love to you,



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Not long ago, as I was taking a walk on a wooded trail, I came across this “structure”…


It got my attention and I wondered…




Was this some sort of shed to store equipment (the trail was in a very large private park)… or was it a cabin where someone actually lived long ago.

I always wonder about the history of places (and people).


Funny, though, the dwelling wasn’t totally empty…


It seems these two had taken residence!

I had to smile.


Have a terrific weekend!

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Trail in the Woods

I love taking walks in the woods…


This was a well-marked trail with swamps, woods, lakes, and small wildlife.



The woods were beautiful, but when I came upon the opening to this lake, I just wanted to sit here for a while.  It was so peaceful and quiet.

The weather’s been so wonderful lately.
If you enjoy the outdoors where you’re at, get outside and have some fun.
Pretty soon it’ll be too cold to stay out too long.

Have a terrific weekend!

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