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This year I am hoping to finish a few UFOs that I have in my sewing room…

And this one is at the top of the list…







I started it about two years ago (I know!) but other projects became more “urgent” and I had to put it away for a while.

It’ll be a Christmas gift later this year, but I’m trying to work on gifts throughout the year, so that I won’t be stressing later, wishing I had started earlier… (anybody know what I’m talking about??)


I started out by gathering different blues & greens, 100% cotton, and cutting them into 5” strips, then 5” squares…  (NOTE:  This is Waverly fabric that I buy at Walmart.  It’s beautiful, 100% cotton, and great for quilting!  Also, it’s a lot more affordable!)


. (They have all those strings on the edges because I cut them two years ago and they’ve been sitting in a plastic bag, waiting for me to pay attention to them!)


Then I sewed them into half-square triangles using a white cotton, and ironed them with seams to the darker side.

I make half-square triangles by placing two 5” squares, right sides together, and sewing all the way around the square (with a quarter-inch seam).  Then I iron it, and cut across in an X (corner to corner).  You’ll have four half-square triangles.

Don’t they look pretty, all neatly grouped together?… I love ocean colors… sigh…



Then it was time to trim those little “ears”… It really helps when you’re sewing them together!

See how nice they look once they’ve been trimmed?


Once all the half-square triangles have been sewn and ears trimmed, then it’s time to lay out the square, paying close attention to the pattern — It’s easy to get confused, but after you’ve done it about 20 times, it gets easier. . .


I love all the blues & greens…

Colors from the sea.

(Have I already said that?)



It’s a simple pattern, great for a beginner, because it looks very complicated but it’s actually just half-square triangles making up one block that is used over & over again.




Once you have four of the same squares, you put them together (again, paying close attention to the pattern), and sew them so that they make up one big square.

For the quilt I’m making, I need 16 of these “big” squares.  It’ll be perfect for a Queen-size bed, but OK also for a King, if it has another sheet or blanket layered beneath it.


I chose these colors because the family I want to give it to, they love ocean colors, too!  (Who doesn’t?!)




Half-square triangles are so versatile for quilt patterns… the possibilities are endless!


This is what it looks like when 4 squares have been sewn together to make up the “big” square.  You can tell that it’s the same square, just turned a little differently each time.  (It took me a while to realize this!)

I tape one onto my wall so that I can look at it while I sew and keep those squares in the right place.



I’m hoping to finish the quilt top this week and then begin the hand-quilting.

Anybody have any suggestions on the hand-quilting?  I’d love any ideas!  I may just do straight lines across the squares, but I’m thinking that something circular, to mimic waves, might be fun.  Let me know what you think.  I’d appreciate any ideas you may have! 😊

Happy sewing & quilting,




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I’ve been away from my blog for way too long… hurricane, working, traveling, . . .

All good reasons, but I must say… I miss you!

I finished the quilt for my youngest grand baby and wanted to share it with you.

I used Princess Rose fabric by Lecien.

And made the Flower Garden pattern in one of MSQC tutorial.

I made a standard-size pillow cover so she can use it when she gets into a bigger bed.

I just did it in my own square patten…it was actually a mistake, but when it was finished, I thought it looked nice.

The fabrics ar so soft and beautiful!  I loved the way they looked together!

I made a little pillow with one of the squares, so she could use it anywhere.

For the binding, I used a pink gingham…tiny squares….I love gingham of any color, but this one was just right for this baby girl quilt.

I hand-quilted it in a petal pattern.  I actually cut a piece of cardboard in a petal pattern and traced it inside each flower petal.  Then I quilted around each petal on the outside to echo the flowers.  I was really happy with the way it turned out.

As I quilted, each evening, I’d pray for my baby granddaughter.  She is a joy and a gift from God.

The pillow case has a zipper in the back so my daughter can just take it off and wash it whenever it needs it.

I just hand-quilted across each square…sometimes simple is best.

This is not a good picture, but it’s the only one I have of the whole quilt top.

And this is the back.  You can really see the quilted pattern here.

I think she liked it.

She loves to “read”!

I’m thrilled that I was able to give each of my granddaughters a quilt for their first birthday!

Now to work on Christmas goodies… 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!



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Not long ago, I posted about the quilt I was making for one of my granddaughters,
(To read about it, click here and here)


For the backing, I used a pretty pink floral which was very soft.



I made a matching little pillow to go with it…




I added a small lace on the pillow, just to add some softness and a little special touch.




And I hand-quilted both.  It was fun, and as I stitched, I prayed for my granddaughter.
She’s a cutie and a joy!!



We weren’t able to be with her on her birthday, but we had a celebration when we did go to visit them.  She was so excited to take stuff (gifts) out of bags, and when she pulled the little pillow out of the gift bag, this is what she did:



It was so cute!  We all exclaimed, “Awwww!” and she smiled  as if she knew she was saying, “Thank you, Abuela!  I love it!”
It touched my heart and made it all the more worth the time put into sewing those tiny stitches and seams.
She captures my heart every time I see her.

Happy sewing & quilting!


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