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While we were in Georgia, recently, we got to see friends that
we don’t see too often.  They have a beautiful place and we made
a new friend. . .


This is Thatia (pronounced Thay-sha)


She is a beautiful german shepherd . . .


. . . with a nice thick coat.

She is a big girl!

Our friends said she weighs 150 lbs!


Although she looked fierce when we first drove in
and I wouldn’t want to walk in alone while she’s
keeping watch…


She was very friendly and playful
(as long as our friends were close by).

She is a beauty and I enjoyed our time with her.
What fun to try to get a still photo of her!

Thought you might want to “meet” her. 🙂



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Not long ago, as I was taking a walk on a wooded trail, I came across this “structure”…


It got my attention and I wondered…




Was this some sort of shed to store equipment (the trail was in a very large private park)… or was it a cabin where someone actually lived long ago.

I always wonder about the history of places (and people).


Funny, though, the dwelling wasn’t totally empty…


It seems these two had taken residence!

I had to smile.


Have a terrific weekend!

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Slow Lane

Earlier this week we came upon an area I would name, Slow Lane.  The animals were just enjoying a bit of rest & relaxation and there wasn’t much else going on…


I wanted to get out of the car and sit a spell with them 🙂

(Maybe not with this guy right up by the fence…the horns?)



I had a hard time trying to get the camera to zoom from the barbed wire to the animals…



They didn’t seem too bothered with me.




The horses were beautiful (of course)…



This horse was all alone… but looked very happy & content.

This looks like a nice place to live… or visit. 🙂

Have a terrific weekend!

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Spotted Horse

As we were driving back from the Farmers Market this week, we saw this beautiful horse…


We stopped just for a minute so I could change the lens on my camera and get a closer look…



What a beauty!

It made my day 🙂

As a child, I had posters up all over my walls of horses…I read books about horses….I studied them… all while I lived in the city (never had been to the country!).
I still don’t live in the country, but at least I get to drive through the country.  🙂

…and it’s nice.


May your day be a great one!

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Love Birds (Part 2)

I posted about my daughter’s love birds not too long ago.  Although they can get pretty loud with their chirping, (they do not like to be ignored!).. they are cute and each has a personality of its own!  They are very entertaining… it’s fun to watch their “family life” unfold during feeding time, bathing, sleeping, cuddling…

Recently, they had another batch of “babies”… (their 3rd!)

Here are the pretty little love birds.  My daughter tries to handle them often so they get used to being held and learn to fly to them when they need to go back into their cage.



They are so very soft and warm!  Very fun to hold.
They kind of freak out when you first take them out of the nesting box, but soon are at home in your warm hands.


Here is the biggest one (it hatched a few days before the other two) with its Daddy.
It’s amazing to see the parents actually push him out so he will learn to fly.  I could hardly believe my eyes.  When I say push, I mean PUSH.  The poor bird flapped and nearly had a heart attack before it recovered enough to get itself upright again.  Poor baby.  It’s tough growing up, isn’t it?


These babies have grown very quickly and just in the past 2 weeks have learned how to fly, feed themselves, and are now ready for new homes.  Thankfully, my daughter was able to find someone who will give them a good home. 🙂


Here are the parents.  They certainly are love birds… there are already 3 new eggs in the nest!
I know.
Soon there will be three new babies.
And so on, and so on.

Enjoy your pets (if you have any).
If not… enjoy the quiet 🙂


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Walking the Dog

We visited our son & daughter-in-law for Thanksgiving.  They just got a dog recently and we volunteered to walk him early in the morning.  The weather was beautiful and I was so glad I took my camera with me…


It was so quiet and peaceful.  I love this time of the morning…(once I’m up).



Lloyd is a beautiful, well-behaved doggie.  We immediately took to each other.  He is a sweetie! 🙂  He enjoyed the walk immensely.  He tried chasing the squirrels but we kinda discouraged him.  Kinda.




I tried to keep up with my husband and Lloyd, but I kept getting off the trail…
(I had to take pictures!!).

There were a few other people out for their morning jog/walk/run… One of them stared at me for a while… I guess it’s not everyday you see someone taking photos
on an exercise trail.  I just want to say, for the record, that I did exercise…
I had to run between photos in order to catch up with my husband & Lloyd.



I think Lloyd enjoyed the scenery, too…don’t you?



When we got back, Lloyd was tired out.
By the way, my husband asked if we could call the dog, “Nacho”…  We tried but he wouldn’t respond to that name.  I guess he’s stuck with Lloyd.  🙂



After just a few minutes, Lloyd was asleep.
What a life!



I’ll leave you with this lovely morning picture.

Hope you’re having wonderful weather as well…  Go walk your dog.  If you don’t have one, borrow the neighbors’.

Happy walking,

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Love Birds

These two belong to my daughter…

Mr & Mrs Lovebird


They are love birds… and very  entertaining to watch.
(click to enlarge images)



This is Bubs.  He loves when they let him out of the cage everyday and he can fly around.



This is his lovely wife, Birdie.  She’s had “babies” 3 times! A total of 8 “children”!!  She’s been a great Mom…and Bubs has been a great husband & father.




They love to play with my son-in-law…


They like to let him know they love him by giving him little kisses!
(She’s a little shy…)


They get jealous sometimes and peck at each other… kind of like old, married couples like to argue 🙂

But overall they get along fine.

These two are loved and very well-taken care of…
and they know it!


Have a wonderful week!


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