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For the past days we have been working on the house we will be moving to…

Definitely a fixer-upper, but with lots of potential.

imageThis is the BEFORE photo of the living room. (We’re still working on it)  I love the hardwood floors, and the house has enough space for me to have a sewing room!!  I’m excited about that!  (Can you tell?!)


it also has a big backyard so I’ll be able to grow some veggies and herbs, and roses, and wild flowers, and maybe even some fruit trees?!


There are some challenges, like the bathroom and kitchen which have not been updated in decades.


If you have any ideas or suggestions…





Especially for the bathroom,

let me know.

i have some ideas but would love to hear what you all think.





There’s a lot of work to be done and we will probably do it a little at a time.

I can’t wait to show you some AFTER photos!

keeping you in suspense until then,

Daisy 🙂



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I’ve been helping my daughter pack and get ready for their move…

Yesterday, we were having lunch when she quietly pointed to the window
and whispered, “Deer!”


I immediately went to the window and smiled as I saw this pretty girl.

Now, those of you who live in the country and are used to seeing deer all the time… this must be pretty boring for you.
But for us who live in the city…  well…  let’s just say it’s pretty special.








After just a few seconds, it was as if she sensed I was there, and turned her head towards me…






She was there for just a few minutes, then she turned back to the woods, and disappeared.

How lovely to see her.

She gave us a much-needed break, and a reason to smile.

We had to go back to packing & cleaning, but…
I thought about her and I looked out the window many times, hoping I’d see her again.

Maybe today?


Have a blessed day, everyone!

Love to you all,



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Well, during the past 2-3 weeks, we have packed, cleaned, moved, unloaded truck, cleaned, and unpack (some) boxes.

During the same time, we had previous commitments
in Colorado, Georgia, and Orlando (FL),
so………. I really haven’t unpacked much.

I have to say thank you so very much to all of you
who commented on the last post (Moving),
…so much kindness and friendship expressed!  It meant a great deal to me!!

We have not yet set up Internet/Wireless at the house,
so I have missed you all a lot!
. . .and I find myself having to go to the library in order to get online. . .



It’s nice, but . . .


not as nice as home . . .


I always enjoy going to the library, but I miss the freedom of getting online whenever,

and keeping in touch with my blogging friends!


I feel pulled in two different directions . . .

I want to look at books (I love to read!)

. . . but I need to sit and work online for a while, too.

I feel like the child who gets home from school and is told, “Don’t forget to do your homework!”




Okay, I chose a random variety  to check out while I walked around for a few minutes,

. . . now, to work.


Have a blessed week everyone!
I miss you, and can’t wait to hear from you!


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We are in the process of moving…
packing, cleaning, figuring out what goes and what will be donated or discarded…


I’ve so enjoyed living here…




No, that’s not our dock, it’s a neighbor’s down the street.
We don’t live on the lake,
but we live close enough that when we step outside our front door, we can see it.



We’ve had wonderful times here…


(that’s my daughter and son-in-law)

…and we will have wonderful times in our new surroundings!





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Up in the air…

I’ve posted this photo before (taken at Clearwater Beach, FL)…


I haven’t posted in one month exactly… and I’ve missed it!  The past month has been a little hectic.  Some of you are probably saying to yourselves, “and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!”

But our busy-ness had nothing to do with the holidays.  It was simply demands of life.  I’m getting too philosophical now…

Our moving has been postponed until early next year, for which I am so relieved.  In the past we’ve had to pack and move during the holidays and I really didn’t want to do that again.

Now I can work on making some Christmas gifts instead of filling the trunk again with more empty boxes for packing.

The reason I entitled this post, “Up in the air…”, is because that’s how I have been feeling lately.  For instance…
When your children are married, and they live far, the holidays are not as easy as before.  Who’s going where, when, and for how long?  Can we all get together at one time or do we have to break it down so we can visit everyone?

Also, moving has so many questions that need to be decided… Where shall we move to? What neighborhood? House or condo? Buy or rent? Old house or new? Big or small? Fixer- upper or nice and clean? My husband and I finally came to seriously consider selling most everything we own and just living in a small (very small) drivable RV.  It certainly sounds like a simple life.  (We are still considering it!)

So… I don’t know for sure where we’ll be for Thanksgiving, where or when exactly we are moving, whether we are buying or renting… I seriously think God has a sense of humor and just when we begin to think we’re too old for this… here we go again.  Maybe it keeps us young??

In any case, it’s good to be back and I’ve missed you!
May you all have a terrific weekend!!



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House Hunting…

Yes… It looks like my husband and I have to move.  Where?  Not sure.  Because of my husband’s job, we have different options (within the State).

We might end up renting, but if we buy a house, I’m leaning toward either a Historic Home or a brand new home.

“Why?” you ask?

Well, the brand new house is new so we don’t have to
worry about fixing anything for about 10-15 yrs.  The negative is the HOA.
(Home Owners Association)…which I hate…been there, done that kinda thing.

Then, about the historic homes… the pro is that it has a lot of character
and features that new homes don’t have and I really like that.  The con
is that we’ll probably have to fix something… or some things.
So, I wanted to show you some of the ones that have made it to my “favorites” list…
We haven’t had a chance to go see these yet, so we don’t know what the
neighborhood around the home looks like… which is a big deal…
remember, “location, location, location”?
I like the porch on this one below… I’d make some changes and add some trim,
but overall it looks good262 NE 2nd St, Webster, FL 33597
This one below is my favorite, I think.
302 W Howry Ave, Deland, FL 32720
This one needs a lot of work, but I can see it has so much potential!
This porch is my favorite, too.
(undisclosed Address), Wildwood, FL 34785
This one may look a bit downcast, but, oh, the possibilities!
200 Hiawatha Cir, Leesburg, FL 34748
Okay, so this one looks REALLY bad, but because of that, the price is
really good.  I just don’t know if we could do all the work required…
811 W Euclid Ave, Deland, FL 32720
So….. what do you think??
Any advice?
Any pitfalls to avoid?
Have a terrific weekend!

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