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I’ve been helping my daughter pack and get ready for their move…

Yesterday, we were having lunch when she quietly pointed to the window
and whispered, “Deer!”


I immediately went to the window and smiled as I saw this pretty girl.

Now, those of you who live in the country and are used to seeing deer all the time… this must be pretty boring for you.
But for us who live in the city…  well…  let’s just say it’s pretty special.








After just a few seconds, it was as if she sensed I was there, and turned her head towards me…






She was there for just a few minutes, then she turned back to the woods, and disappeared.

How lovely to see her.

She gave us a much-needed break, and a reason to smile.

We had to go back to packing & cleaning, but…
I thought about her and I looked out the window many times, hoping I’d see her again.

Maybe today?


Have a blessed day, everyone!

Love to you all,



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