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Because my husband & I often leave very early in the morning…




We see different things…




On this lovely morning,

we saw many hot-air balloons in the sky…

some were just taking off

while others were already way up high.






I think it would be so much fun to take a ride on one!




These photos were taken with my phone

as I frantically moved around from one car window to the next

trying to get at least one of the balloons hovering above us…

(No, I wasn’t driving the car) ย ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve seen them before… maybe next time I’ll be able to show you

a group of them up in the sky…

It’s a beautiful sight.



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Beauty in Rain

There’s always opportunity for photography…

even in the rain . . .




This was taken with my cell phone from inside the car
while we were stuck in traffic, going through a major
University town.

I’m not officially a “professional” photographer,

but . . .

I’m usually looking at things as if through the lens of a camera.
Taking “snap shots” of whatever surroundings I find myself in.
And I have been doing that since I was a kid.

It’s wonderful that today, because so many of us have
phones that come equipped with a camera,
we can capture what normally would be missed.

Here’s the same scene a couple moments later:




We can see beauty even in the things we are
prone to complain about –
no problem! ย — take photos. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s joy all around us.
Sometimes a change of perspective
(or attitude, in my case)
helps tremendously.

Go out and have fun seeing what’s
around you through a “professional”
photographer’s eyes (even if all you have
is a cell phone!)
A rainy night can become
a thing of beauty.

Happy Wednesday everybody ๐Ÿ™‚

Love to you all,

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I met this new friend along the road not long ago…


I was so happy to see him!

I had to stop and take a quick picture…
all I had was my cell phone, but I think he looks pretty handsome.

Have a great weekend, everybody!
Go for a photo drive ๐Ÿ™‚




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Photo Drive

I’ve shared before how I enjoy walks through parks and rural areas.

Well, I also like to go on what I call photo drives.

I try to be careful how close I get and I always stay in the car… (I don’t want to get shot by an angry “neighbor”!)

Here’s just a few photos I took on a recent photo drive…


A very serious look. ย I wonder what they’re thinking…

Certainly not inviting me to come for a closer look.




They had a friend close by…

probably saying, “Don’t worry, bud… I got your back!”




Not far were some pretty horses…




And a pony.




These two were giving each other some TLC…




I thought it was funny how one of them kept their eye on me the entire time.




This beautiful horse was all by itself…




It was far away but the scene was so peaceful…
I didn’t want to disturb it.

It’s fun to go on a relaxing “scenic” drive. ย For me, it’s therapeutic, really.

Enjoy your part of the country… whether covered in snow, or sunny and green.
Take a photo drive (preferably someone else driving so you can take pictures) and enjoy the scenery.

Happy Weekend,



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