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This year I am hoping to finish a few UFOs that I have in my sewing room…

And this one is at the top of the list…







I started it about two years ago (I know!) but other projects became more “urgent” and I had to put it away for a while.

It’ll be a Christmas gift later this year, but I’m trying to work on gifts throughout the year, so that I won’t be stressing later, wishing I had started earlier… (anybody know what I’m talking about??)


I started out by gathering different blues & greens, 100% cotton, and cutting them into 5” strips, then 5” squares…  (NOTE:  This is Waverly fabric that I buy at Walmart.  It’s beautiful, 100% cotton, and great for quilting!  Also, it’s a lot more affordable!)


. (They have all those strings on the edges because I cut them two years ago and they’ve been sitting in a plastic bag, waiting for me to pay attention to them!)


Then I sewed them into half-square triangles using a white cotton, and ironed them with seams to the darker side.

I make half-square triangles by placing two 5” squares, right sides together, and sewing all the way around the square (with a quarter-inch seam).  Then I iron it, and cut across in an X (corner to corner).  You’ll have four half-square triangles.

Don’t they look pretty, all neatly grouped together?… I love ocean colors… sigh…



Then it was time to trim those little “ears”… It really helps when you’re sewing them together!

See how nice they look once they’ve been trimmed?


Once all the half-square triangles have been sewn and ears trimmed, then it’s time to lay out the square, paying close attention to the pattern — It’s easy to get confused, but after you’ve done it about 20 times, it gets easier. . .


I love all the blues & greens…

Colors from the sea.

(Have I already said that?)



It’s a simple pattern, great for a beginner, because it looks very complicated but it’s actually just half-square triangles making up one block that is used over & over again.




Once you have four of the same squares, you put them together (again, paying close attention to the pattern), and sew them so that they make up one big square.

For the quilt I’m making, I need 16 of these “big” squares.  It’ll be perfect for a Queen-size bed, but OK also for a King, if it has another sheet or blanket layered beneath it.


I chose these colors because the family I want to give it to, they love ocean colors, too!  (Who doesn’t?!)




Half-square triangles are so versatile for quilt patterns… the possibilities are endless!


This is what it looks like when 4 squares have been sewn together to make up the “big” square.  You can tell that it’s the same square, just turned a little differently each time.  (It took me a while to realize this!)

I tape one onto my wall so that I can look at it while I sew and keep those squares in the right place.



I’m hoping to finish the quilt top this week and then begin the hand-quilting.

Anybody have any suggestions on the hand-quilting?  I’d love any ideas!  I may just do straight lines across the squares, but I’m thinking that something circular, to mimic waves, might be fun.  Let me know what you think.  I’d appreciate any ideas you may have! 😊

Happy sewing & quilting,




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I love making things for my grand kids!  The tiny pieces and fabrics are so much fun to work with!




My daughter gave me this magazine about two years ago.  I’ve looked through it countless times, dreaming planning which projects I was going to make, with what fabric, and for whom.


You see the project pictured on the top right?  That’s the one I had picked out for one of my grand kids birthday.  I just thought it looked so cute!

If you’d like to get the pattern, you can find it by clicking here.  I love the website for this magazine!  It has so many ideas, patterns, and helpful tips!  The designer of this project is Jo Carter, and her website is http://www.twoowls.typepad.co.uk.  


The instructions are easy to understand and follow.  I must confess that as I pieced the bed, I wondered how this “rectangle” would become a bed, but as I went along, following the pattern, it all made sense and worked perfectly.





I love patchwork quilts, don’t you?




For the mice, I decided to use print instead of solid fabric.  



It was fun sewing on the tails and working on their faces.  As you can tell, I decided to use a fine-tip permanent marker (instead of embroidery) on the faces.  I was short on time… I had to get this in the mail in time for a birthday surprise!




If you’ve got any projects or magazine clippings filed under “someday”. . .  Choose one and get started!

It’ll be fun!

Happy sewing and a great weekend to you!


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Not long ago, I posted about the quilt I was making for one of my granddaughters,
(To read about it, click here and here)


For the backing, I used a pretty pink floral which was very soft.



I made a matching little pillow to go with it…




I added a small lace on the pillow, just to add some softness and a little special touch.




And I hand-quilted both.  It was fun, and as I stitched, I prayed for my granddaughter.
She’s a cutie and a joy!!



We weren’t able to be with her on her birthday, but we had a celebration when we did go to visit them.  She was so excited to take stuff (gifts) out of bags, and when she pulled the little pillow out of the gift bag, this is what she did:



It was so cute!  We all exclaimed, “Awwww!” and she smiled  as if she knew she was saying, “Thank you, Abuela!  I love it!”
It touched my heart and made it all the more worth the time put into sewing those tiny stitches and seams.
She captures my heart every time I see her.

Happy sewing & quilting!


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Once upon a time,
long ago and far away
while on vacation,
I started this quilt…



I diligently sewed these little squares together by hand
(I didn’t have my sewing machine with me).
You can tell I was a beginner because some of the squares don’t line up!

For years these nine-patch blocks sat forgotten…



The nice lady who owned the cabin we stayed in gave me a bag of scraps
from her collection.  She was an avid quilter and had lots & lots of fabric.
I was a beginner and just wanted something to do at night while on our
restful vacation.  (There was no TV, radio, internet, or signal).
We liked it so much there that we went back several years later, Btw.

They were random scraps I probably never would’ve chosen,
but I was just happy to have some fabric to sew together.




Then one day

I “found” them and said, “Oh!  Alas!  The forgotten blocks
from that vacation long ago and far away!”




I decided to bring those blocks together
and begin the process of finishing this neglected quilt.




I didn’t over-think it, I just sat and sewed the blocks together.

I had been thinking about putting a black border around the sides
to make it big enough for a lap quilt, but…


What do you think I should do?
What color border do you think would look better?
I thought maybe two borders of different widths & colors might be better?




Or maybe I should just make it a table cloth with a nice border around it??
I could take it on picnics…

Any suggestions?

And so… the Forgotten Quilt will soon be finished and
forgotten no longer.
The End
(for now)

I’ll post soon with the finished look.

I’m linking with Freshly Pieced and with Sew Fresh Quilts.
Go on over and see what pretty things they’re working on!


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Quilt Show

I recently went to a Quilt Show with my daughter.

It was so much fun!

There were lots of fun things to look at.
This cute pin cushion was just one of many different kinds.


There were lots of small quilts and wall hangings.
Some whimsical, some traditional, some modern.



I just had to take a picture of the sign above the doorway into this room…

Did you see the name??



There were vendors and quilt stores selling so many beautiful quilts and fabrics.



I just loved the above quilt hanging.
I had to stare at this one for a while.


Lots of quilt stores had brought baskets full of goodies for the raffle tickets,
and there were many tables with these baskets for all of us to ooh & ahh over.

For a total of $3, you got 25 raffle tickets to put in the slots in front on your favorite quilt baskets.  Unfortunately, I didn’t win any.

Maybe next time?


The display area was huge and there were many beautiful quilts to admire.
It wasn’t easy taking pictures because there were a lot of people doing the same things we were doing!  Ha!




I thought this quilt with the birds was so cute!



This quilt (below) won the award for Best In Show.
It truly is a work of art.

We got so many ideas and felt so inspired after being there.


I was able to buy two little charm packs (42 squares, 5″ each).

This one (below) is called Whitewashed Cottage:

It’s a beautiful collection of soft pinks, yellows, greys, and blues.



The other one is called Miss Kate
and is a combination of bright colors & cheery fabrics:



Just looking at the fabrics makes me smile.


Can’t wait to make something pretty with them 🙂

Have a blessed week!


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Quilt Shop

Earlier this year, my husband & I were in North Carolina,
and while we were walking around one of the historic downtowns,
I found a cute little Quilt Shop…



It was in a town called Black Mountain,
it was a very pretty area
and the town was surrounded by…
mountains.  🙂





The store had some beautiful quilts for sale.
I asked the lady at the register if I could take a picture
of these quilts that were up on the wall right behind the counter.
I was so happy she said, “Yes!”




The store didn’t have fabric for sale like a Quilt Fabric Shop…

It only had Quilts for sale.

…So I was very surprised when I saw these Fat Quarter Bundles!





The fabrics in these bundles are usually $12-15 a yard…

Normally, these bundles cost $10-$12 each…

But these bundles had $3 on the price tag.

I thought it was a mistake, so I asked the kind lady behind the counter…
She assured me it was correct.

I was so excited.
Disclaimer:  This was before I had decided to use up my stash
before buying any more fabric.




The fabrics are so beautiful…
they are also very soft, silky,
…and colorful!




I would never choose these, but together they looked so pretty
…and I am trying to break out of my blues/greens/yellows
into a more adventurous territory…




The individual fabrics have beautiful details and color.

I can’t wait to use them in a quilt!




So even though this store was not a quilting fabric store,
I got to see some very beautiful quilts,
and I did get the unexpected pleasure of buying some
pretty fabric for a fantastic price!

Now if I could just find time to sew!  🙂


Have a terrific weekend, everyone!




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Fun with Fabric!

This week, there’s a great sale going on in one of my local fabric stores (JoAnn Fabrics).

I think of Birthday and Christmas gifts all year long…
(whether for me or a loved one)   🙂
and when sales come up,
I take advantage of them.


This (above photo) is a group of coordinating fabrics
that I think will make a very nice quilt!

These stacks are sometimes over $100 if you buy them as a set.
But I’m too much of a tight-wad —
(it sounds nicer when I say “thrifty” so that’s what I’ll say from now on)
— to spend that much… why, that’s just plumb crazy!


I chose a pretty fabric that I thought was cheerful and fun…



and then began choosing coordinating fabrics that looked good together.

They’re going to be living together forever in this quilt,
so I have to make sure they can all get along, right?

Choosing the fabrics is so much fun for me!!
Looking through all those pretty colors & prints…
it’s actually therapeutic…
I hadn’t been feeling well, but by the time I finished choosing all the fabrics,
I realized I felt much better.
Some of these prints just make me smile and “ooh” and “ahh”
so I guess that takes my mind off everything else.


Here’s a close up:




And here’s the stack.
I bought a yard of the background fabric,
but all the others are half-yards.

In those $100 stacks, they’re only fat quarters (18″ x 21″)


All these fabrics were 50% off, so
I ended up spending only $17.75 for this entire stack!

That’s a whole lot better than $100!
And now I get to either use it in a beautiful quilt,
or give it away for someone else to have fun with quilting.

Happy quilting, folks!









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