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I recently found myself in Savannah, GA. We didn’t have time to get out and walk but we were able to drive through the historic district and see some pretty nice things.

This pair of horses was pulling a group of people seated on a large buggy. It was hot, crowded, and noisy. I felt bad for these beautiful white horses who apparently make their living by pulling tourists in a buggy around the city streets.


I want to show you the original photo before I edited it on a new phone app I got for free called PicsArt


It’s easy to use and free!
You can also upload it to your iPad.

Have fun using it and hopefully next time I’m in Savannah I’ll have enough time to visit Paula Deen’s restaurant!

Love to you all,


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I know I just posted a photo of a horse I met on a little country road…

but I couldn’t wait to share these pictures with you…


My husband and I were on our way to a church picnic…

I had no idea that we would be way out in the country…

But as we drove in, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

There were lots of cows, chickens, and these two beautiful horses!

I immediately took out my camera and began taking pictures.
The cows didn’t like me too much, they actually scared me.
But the horses were very nice and weren’t camera-shy.





If you’re from the city, a day in the country can be literally “a breath of fresh air”.
For me, it’s usually like taking a trip back in time.
A slower pace.
Time to reflect.
No signal… so no cell phone calls.
I can feel the stress begin to fade away.

If you’re with a loved one, or with a friend, it can be so special.
Or even if you’re by yourself, it can be a time for refreshing.
The breeze, the sounds of the outdoors in the background.

There’s something about getting away from the noise and distractions we are used to,
and going outdoors where we can slow down, be quiet, enjoy the ancient art of talking
to one another (instead of texting, or using the social media).





If you get the chance anytime soon,
to go out to the country…
go for it.
Enjoy the quiet, and the scenery.

Happy refreshing!


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I met this new friend along the road not long ago…


I was so happy to see him!

I had to stop and take a quick picture…
all I had was my cell phone, but I think he looks pretty handsome.

Have a great weekend, everybody!
Go for a photo drive 🙂




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