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“I love You, O Lord, my strength.”
The Lord is my rock
and my fortress
and my deliverer.
Psalm 18:1

Have a blessed Sunday!
Love to you all,


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During our time away,  (I posted about it  here) one of the places we were able to visit was an old farm, way up in the mountains. . .




This is the marker at the top of the hill:




A closer look, so you can read it:



This is the farm house.  We weren’t able to go inside because the park rangers weren’t there, but we were able to walk around and see everything.  We did peek inside the windows. . . everything looked just as if time had stood still back in the 1880’s.



Here’s a view from the porch.  I just love porch swings.  Makes me think of family & friends, children’s laughter, ice-cold lemonade. . .




There were several gardens with many, many butterflies. . .





They were everywhere!




Here are some beautiful ones . . .







I love barns.  Maybe I’ll live in a Barn House someday – they’re becoming more popular now.





The flowers were beautiful. . .



Wild flowers as well…




As we approached the Chicken House, we heard them inside. . . We also heard a rooster several times.
I love the sounds of a farm!  Can you tell I live in the city??




The root cellar (I could almost see the veggies stored there, as this was used over so many years!)




There were many tiny birds.  So beautiful.




A few were perched on the clothes line.  That’s right.  There was a clothes line.  That’s another thing I miss while living in the city.  I never thought I’d say that!  When I was a kid, my Mom would tell me to hang the clothes up on the line.  Inevitably, it would rain before I had a chance to run and take them inside!  I used to wish for a dryer.   Now that I have one, I miss both my Mom and the assigned chore of hanging the laundry on the clothes line.




While we were there,  someone was working on the garden, planting & weeding.  This bench was among the fragrant flowers…




These are the stairs to go back up to the parking area.  I didn’t want to leave.  I wanted to stay and visit the country folks and have a nice tall glass of lemonade with them.  What was it like for the folks who lived on this farm?  How did they get up & down the steep mountain paths with no car or truck?  How did they survive with no TV, internet, or cell phone?  It was a simpler time.  But it wasn’t an easy time.  These people knew back-breaking work, and plenty of heart aches.  They probably never would have imagined that well over one hundred years later, there’d be “tourists” visiting their farm, admiring their work & perseverance.




It was an unforgettable experience.  I can still feel the cool mountain breeze.

These are the kind of places that stay with me for a long, long time.  By that, I guess I mean that when I remember them, when i see the photos, I can’t help but smile and want to visit again.


Thanks for visiting with me.  🙂

Love to you all,


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Friend in the Garden

This is a little plant stand I have outside…

Today, I noticed there was someone looking at me…

Can you see him?




I almost missed him, but as I walked by, I stopped abruptly
(they’ve jumped on me before, you know!)



And sure enough, there he was,
very comfortably enjoying his home…




I don’t particularly like frogs,
but I didn’t have the heart to “evict” this one
out of his little home…
…I think maybe I’ll give it a day or two for him to leave on his own…




Maybe when I water the plants,
it’ll be too much for him
and he’ll find another home.


He does look comfortable, doesn’t he?!

I now walk   s-l-o-w-l-y   by,
so he won’t get the idea to spring up on me…
…just to say hello, maybe?
No, probably more like, “I’m trying to scare you so you’ll stay away
and leave me alone!”

I think it’ll work.

Well, it’s nice to find a friend…
even if it’s only a little froggie. 🙂

Happy gardening,


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The Lord is gracious and merciful;
Slow to anger and great in lovingkindness.

Psalm 145:8

Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.
Luke 6:36

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.
Matthew 5:7

Have a blessed Sunday!!


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Just before my husband mowed the grass, I gathered some of the “weeds” that had grown…



I made a little “bouquet”

(I hope they’re not poisonous!) 🙂




and placed them in a glass.




The colors look so pretty!




They brightened up the place.


Happy Thursday!


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Pink Blooms

I have not posted in 11 days…
I’ve missed you, friends.
First, I had to attend a training and had no internet available.
Then, 2 days ago, I had another migraine.  I’ve never had them so close together before.  But I am thankful that this time I did not have to go to the ER.

Now, on to more JOYful topics!  🙂

The place where this training was held was rural and a very pretty setting.

I was able to step outside with my camera for just a few minutes during one of the breaks and take a few photos…


The color.  The delicate petals.




It was not a rose bush, but it was just as beautiful…and it was covered in blooms!




I only had a few minutes…




I could stare at this for a while.  So beautiful.  It doesn’t have the sweet scent of a rose, but it is so lovely.




The bush had so very many!  There were some that had fallen and the ground was covered with them.  Even there, they were beautiful!

Does anybody know what type of flowers these are?
I thought I could google it, but after a while, I gave up when I couldn’t find the exact match.  It’s a big bush, tall, and covered with these flowers.


It’s good to be back… Y’all have a fantastic weekend!!

Love to you,


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