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Colorful Quilt

A friend of ours is the pastor of a church which is getting ready for a missions trip to El Salvador.

They are going to be working with children, so a group of the women got together on a couple Saturdays and sewed quite a bunch of dresses for little girls sizes 1-10.
They also got shorts and shoes for the boys.

From the scraps left over after all that sewing, a few of the women who are quilters decided to make a prayer reminder for the church.

It has been hanging for weeks now in the church and I couldn’t wait to share it with you…




Click on photos to enlarge.

Did you notice all the colorful thread quilting on the black border? I also like the different directions of the squares, and the scrappy look.

I am praying for the group going to El Salvador. ….and I think I might just make a colorful quilt like this one.

I better look for my bag of scraps…not sure where it is after the move!

Happy quilting 🙂


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