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A few weeks ago, I got to visit with my youngest granddaughter, and I had a fun photo shoot with her…

She absolutely loves being outside and is always captivated by the birds singing, the trees, the neighbors’ dogs barking… all those sights & sounds… she’s always turning her pretty little head, looking around at everything.

It was an impromptu photo shoot…

My daughter & I put a nice comfy blanket on the ground, and we just started playing with her.  She loves to smile.




She also loves to laugh!  She was laughing so hard here, that she was losing her balance and throwing her head back.  What a cutie!

We gave her some sunglasses and tried to get her to keep them on,
but she was too curious and just kept taking them off and studying them.

Every time she sits, she usually crosses her ankles.
So cute!


She’s already got so many teeth (even though she’s not even one yet!) and two more on their way.


Oh, how I thank God for her!
She’s a joy!!!


Have a blessed weekend, everybody!


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