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My husband brought me roses recently…

There was no special occasion…

He just wanted to brighten my day,
Remind me that he loves me.

I’ve been dealing with some personal things lately,
needing to intentionally focus on the Lord
and not on my frustrations/problems/pain…
It’s not easy, nor a five-minute, “Ok, I’ve got it” type of thing…
It’s a constant, giving-it-over-to-God, type of thing,
an act of the will that says, “I trust in you, Lord”.

I am blessed, more than most people;
I’m always aware of that,
and I try not to take it for granted.
Even right after my mother passed away,
I kept reminding myself that I was blessed to have
such a mother for 23 years…most people don’t even have
that blessing.
You see, there’s always something to be thankful for.
I grieved, but at the same time, I knew that I had been blessed.

I don’t know why I wrote all this… I just let myself type
and stopped deleting entire sentences.
I guess I’ll hit the “publish” button and not worry too much
whether someone will find it boring, objectionable, or read it at all.

I thank the Lord for a fresh new week ahead, “with no mistakes in in”,
as Anne Shirley would say, and I look forward to all the blessings
God has in store. 🙂

Have a blessed week!




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I’m working on a quilt for one of my sweet granddaughters!

The fabric is so cute!

I’ve had it for years and when I found it this past week, I realized it would be perfect for this quilt!

I love the colors, the fabrics, (they’re so soft!).

I just love how the all look together!


I didn’t want to cut the squares into tiny pieces,  so I sewed them onto 2″ strips.


I debated which pattern to use and decided to make it simple and just framed the 5″ squares:

I finished the quilt top and now am getting it ready for quilting by hand.  I would do it on my sewing machine but I like the look of hand stitching and I have a hard time quilting something that large on my machine.

I can’t wait to finish it and give it to my granddaughter! 😊

Have a great weekend!


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I’ve been sewing lately…

Tiny little garments for my two granddaughters…  so much fun!!

Today I wanted to post about one of the easiest projects I’ve done so far–
Burp Cloths


It was fast, easy, and I think they turned out cute.

I bought some flour sacks at Walmart,
I think I paid $5 for this set of 5:


They were large enough to cut in half and it still turned out to be a generous size for a burp cloth.

That means I got 2 burp cloths out of each flour sack towel —
so you can make 10 out of that set of 5!


I cut a piece of quilt batting the size of the center of the burp cloth.
After I measured it and cut it, then I placed it on the center of the flour sack towel.


Cutting the flour sack towel was easy because the fold lines were exactly on the center–
I didn’t even have to measure it!


Here’s a picture of the flour sack towel cut in half – the one on the left is done,
and the one on the right is just ready for the batting & fabric piece.


As soon as I cut the flour sack in half, I serged the long edges.
The shorter edges were already hemmed, so I didn’t have to do anything there.
I serged the edges of the print cotton fabric I was going to sew
in the center of the burp cloth,
Then I centered it on the flour sack, right over the batting,
I pinned it down,
and sewed it down each long edge:


Then I sewed 2 lines down the long edges,
just like the store-bought burp clothes have.

I wasn’t too picky about it.
I did pin the edges down before I sewed
and that kept the fabric & batting down nicely.



I tuned down the short edges and sewed a hem very close to the edge.
I ironed it once everything was sewn.






My daughter chose the rose fabric from a stash of fat quarters,
but it wasn’t long enough so I added a coordinating fabric at each end.

I thought it looked even nicer than the other burp cloth because the two fabrics
looked so nice together.




Because of the large size of the flour sacks, these burp cloths turn out
larger than the store-bought ones.
That was something I really liked.
We’ve used them already and it worked well because of their larger size.
It was a quick project and I look forward to making more like these.
I’ve made some bibs, tiny dresses, bonnets, blankets…
can’t wait to share those with you in the coming days.  🙂

Happy sewing!


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I had the opportunity to prepare some fun gift bags for the Pastors’ Wives who attended a conference recently.




It was fun crafting all the little goodies inside…




I made lots of these, and somehow I can’t find the photo I took
of the table at conference, set up with all the bags.
They looked so pretty!
So here’s just a small group of them…



The bags were filled with goodies like hand sanitizer and a nail file from
Bath & Body Works, mints, candies, and the other items were handmade
little goodies…


This little purse was made from double-sided scrapbook paper.



I used a variety of papers that I had on hand
and made lots & lots of these.



I received one just like this years ago
and I saved it because I knew I wanted to use it
as a pattern someday.




They were fun to make…





I put a miniature chocolate piece in each one.
Every woman must have chocolate in her purse, right?!




The “handles” were made from a small piece of ribbon,
and tiny pieces of velcro were glued for a “closure”.

I think the ladies liked it  🙂


Another little thing I put in the bags:



These little miniature grocery bags also held a surprise…




Inside each bag, I tucked in a tea bag.




Some of the bags were white, and some were just like
the brown paper bags you get at the grocery store.
($2 for 20).

I used an ink pad to age all the edges on both the bags
and the little card that had the tea cup.



I thought the ladies would love a nice cup of tea
while at the three-day conference.
Maybe they’d curl up at night and have some tea
while reading a book or watching a favorite movie.




Here are a few closeups of the details…




I printed out 20 images per sheet
of a beautiful tea cup,
then cut them apart to fit nicely on the bag.


I used a clear glitter paint tube ($2)
to highlight the tea cup and add some sparkle.




I cut a tiny piece of lace from yards I got at the Thrift Store (40 cents for 10 yards!!)
and added a tiny flower and a gem stone in the center.




This is the back of the envelope.
I used a new stamp I got for $1.50.


The earrings were simple & easy to make
and they were actually the quickest of all the projects.



I cut some pretty cardstock paper into 2″x3″,
stamped them with a fun little stamp,
and then used a tiny whole punch in order to
slip the earrings on.




The earrings were made with pearlized glass beads.
The craft store had a 50% off sale on the beads so it worked out well.




Finally, the first thing the ladies saw in the bag,
were the bookmarks…




The verse was carefully chosen with these ladies in mind.
(Click image to enlarge)




I bought a container of flowers (with a 40% off coupon).
These flowers are in the Scrapbook section of the crafts store
and can be used in many different projects.




I glued some of the flowers on a separate piece of scrapbook paper,
while others I layered together (a small one on top of a larger one)
for added dimension and color.




I used the clear glitter here also for more sparkle.





Here’s the back of the bookmark:




I used a beautiful stamp from the “Heidi Swapp” collection.
This is just a small section of the large stamp.















It was fun putting it all together and filling the bags
with all the different goodies.
Some of the ladies came up to me during the conference
and expressed how grateful they were for all the little gifts.
That made all the time & effort worthwhile.


Have a great, fun week filled with creativity  🙂




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Fun with Fabric!

This week, there’s a great sale going on in one of my local fabric stores (JoAnn Fabrics).

I think of Birthday and Christmas gifts all year long…
(whether for me or a loved one)   🙂
and when sales come up,
I take advantage of them.


This (above photo) is a group of coordinating fabrics
that I think will make a very nice quilt!

These stacks are sometimes over $100 if you buy them as a set.
But I’m too much of a tight-wad —
(it sounds nicer when I say “thrifty” so that’s what I’ll say from now on)
— to spend that much… why, that’s just plumb crazy!


I chose a pretty fabric that I thought was cheerful and fun…



and then began choosing coordinating fabrics that looked good together.

They’re going to be living together forever in this quilt,
so I have to make sure they can all get along, right?

Choosing the fabrics is so much fun for me!!
Looking through all those pretty colors & prints…
it’s actually therapeutic…
I hadn’t been feeling well, but by the time I finished choosing all the fabrics,
I realized I felt much better.
Some of these prints just make me smile and “ooh” and “ahh”
so I guess that takes my mind off everything else.


Here’s a close up:




And here’s the stack.
I bought a yard of the background fabric,
but all the others are half-yards.

In those $100 stacks, they’re only fat quarters (18″ x 21″)


All these fabrics were 50% off, so
I ended up spending only $17.75 for this entire stack!

That’s a whole lot better than $100!
And now I get to either use it in a beautiful quilt,
or give it away for someone else to have fun with quilting.

Happy quilting, folks!









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Fun with Beads

One of the things I enjoy making for gifts
is beaded jewelry…


This is a set I made for a friend.
She likes chunky bracelets
so I decided to make her a set of three bracelets
that she can wear together.
(I love these colors, too!)

I decided in early December of last year,
that I’d work on 2-3 Christmas gifts every month.
That way, I’d still have fun making personal gifts
and not be stressed out by Christmas.

This (below) is one of the trioo:


It goes fast!
I made the bracelets on elastic beading cord
which you can get at any craft store
for around $2 a roll (each roll has many yards).

Most of the beads I use are glass
so they feel great when you’re wearing them!!


These square beads are fun.
They didn’t need much… I just used some
small round spacers to separate them.
It gives the bracelet a touch of class.  🙂


These are my favorite…
They sparkle!
They look like crystals,
catching all the light.


This is the “trio”.
I think my friend will like it.


I usually put a pretty ribbon around them
and place them in a nice box.
All ready for Christmas!

Here’s a second gift set I made…
This one in pretty pink!







These were fun to make!
I hope they’ll bring joy
to the recipients as well!

Happy Crafting!


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Notebook Cover

I’ve been busy making Christmas gifts for family & friends…
I’ll be posting them the next few days,
In case you could use some last-minute ideas
(Click on photos for a closer look)


I made several notebook covers for friends. The above photo is the outside front cover.

Below is the inside…


This is the outside back.
As you can see I put a little piece of elastic to wrap around the button on the front and provide a closure.


This is the finished inside,
With the notebook placed inside.
I had fun making some bookmarks,
And other scrapbook-style goodies.


Did you notice I also included
A small piece of chocolate?
I think that’s probably the first thing
my friend will notice 🙂

Happy crafting,

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Small Book Cover

This is a small book cover I made for a little Bible I have. The cover was badly worn but the size is nice and compact, perfect for taking to church and on trips.


I put a little notebook in the outside pocket for taking notes or writing thoughts.


This is the inside. I put in two pockets, one on each side for pencil, highlighter, bookmark, and whatever else I need.

It was a fun and quick project.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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End-of-Season Shopping

I have so much fun shopping when stores are clearing out items from one season to make room for the new one…


You can find some great deals!
I love deals!
This pink skirt was on sale for $4.97,
with an extra store-wide 15% off
entire purchase!
The soft cotton top was $8, the necklace was $4.
It’s a fun, comfortable outfit!


I added a little grey sweater which
I liked for its versatility and color.
It was on sale for $10!
It is a super-soft cotton that feels
like cashmere.
I like soft.


I really liked the bright, cheerful top…
It’s very soft and comfy.
The skirt has nice leather details and also very comfy.
These two items were $15 together!


I added this denim jacket with lace detail for $9. It’s very soft denim
and feels great on your skin.
The skirt is a pretty white option.


The skirt is very versatile…
I’m looking forward to wearing it with boots when the weather gets cooler.
It was $10.
I think the details are so pretty.

For me, deals like these make
shopping for new clothes much
more fun.
I also buy for Christmas gifts
and birthday gifts during
these sales.
It’s fun and a lot more affordable.

Happy shopping, everyone! 🙂


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Recently,  my husband got me a gift…

July 2013 166



I was very surprised, since it was HIS birthday, not mine.

July 2013 138



It was beautiful… a dozen red roses, each one a masterpiece.

July 2013 162



I smelled them, gazed at them, took many, many photos of them.

July 2013 154



I don’t particularly like the color red.  I own very few items (maybe 2 or 3) that are red.
How can I not like these??
Together they make a truly amazing display.

July 2013 132




July 2013 134



I didn’t have any place to put them except for this glass jar I bought at an antique store…

I’m learning to look at the details…
They can be beautiful, too.

July 2013 194




July 2013 195




My husband is always thinking of me, how to make me laugh, bring me joy…
Every time I looked over at the roses, I couldn’t help smiling.
Even now…

July 2013 116


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but one of the things I’ve been
re-learning this year is that, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Let your loved ones know you care.
In our house, we say the words, “I love you” many times a day to each other…
But somehow when we do something totally unexpected,
it speaks so loudly,
and unforgettably.


Have fun thinking up ways to surprise your loved ones!

(Let me know how it goes :))



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